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What brought you guys together to play music?
I've always been playing and writing music on my own. I haven't a band since beginning. Just by myself as solo artist.

Introduce yourself?
I am EarlyNew, writing and singing my own original songs. I have accomplished the mission impossible to arrange and even engineer my own first released album, hence inspiring people that it all came from one word - belief.

What are some musical touchstones that influence you? What are your musical influences?
If I need to choose the major icon, that is Stevie Wonder and Joe Pass, as well as some great singer songwriters. Maybe I can tell you more if there's much more time for sharing. But I'm definitely a fan for Stevie Wonder since young.

Give me 3 new songs and tracks that your fans have to check out.
Ow this's beating me! Perhaps people shall listen to " Let it go ", '' Hey Joe ", '' Here is a grand city '' compiled in my debut album " Something above all ". Anyway I quite like them.

Do you believe the city itself you are living in has influenced your music? Why? 
In some way, yes maybe. But music goes beyond borders and songwriting of mine seems quite different from where I live now. Something wonder in such a scenario.

What musician would you dream to play with?
Wow! Can I really dream of that? Definitely my influences. Somehow as time goes by, I also love to play with upcoming new musicians and artists who favor my music.

Favorite hot spots in any city?
I would love a place with mountain and seashore linked together. Or some nice cafe. Suggest me some?

If you could have any actor star in your first music video, who would it be?
Wow! Can I really name them? Maybe Jonny Depp or Robert Downey jr? Ha! Somehow this is only assumption and a dreaming idea. But still, many actors and actresses are quite favored by me.  I'd love to work with anyone who has a right attitude and charisma, and that's nice enough.

Best concert you’ve ever been to?
I seldom go to concerts and the last concert I went to was . . I can't really remember. Maybe a Jazz concert. But I love to watch the great singing and music scenes through the web at times. I believe there are so many great concerts right there I haven't got chances to participate yet and hopefully I would be given more free time to take part in. Really love the atmosphere of live concerts.

Your "new" album was finished in 2008. Which track was the toughest to record?
The original tracks weren't difficult to record. The toughest part came from the engineering process which I handled totally on my own, with the consulting from a pro. This was a huge pride I had in producing my own album because I really had some hard time running through it with tears and hardship side by side for years. Thankfully I finally ended up accomplishing it with the best result I think it could be.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?
I must give you an answer that sounds so general which is not specific enough to impress you. That is, I listen to all kinds of music. So un-impressive uh? But I don't sort out music genre and conceptually music is music to my ears.

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?
Besides with my influences, as time goes by and as I am more mature in handling music, I'd love to collaborate with any artists and musicians with good attitude and easy going charisma.

What is the best Friday night you’ve ever had and did it inspire the song?
The best has not come. Would you get involved to reach it with me along the way?

If you had to choose, would you rather be stuck in the room with a timid tiger or a crazy cat?
Um . .

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?
The artist who digs my music, firstly.

What song on your album Something Above All  is most personal to you?
It ain't easy giving an answer related the " most " to me. They are just all personal in a whole.

What are your biggest song inspirations?
Besides influences as above, the motown artists and contemporary soul singers are sending me good feelings while I listen to them. Maybe they are all good inspirations.

Who is your greatest musical influence? Who are some of your biggest music influences?
In earlier days Stevie Wonder's spirit and talent is amazing and very inspiring to me. Meanwhile as people's lives change and situation altering, there will be new influences shown. I am still trying to identifying it. Somehow I find that I am creating my own style along the way, and it's me now who is influencing my own spirit more and more. I think it's a sign of maturity musically and I'm so wondered to find that in me.

Something Above All is the name of your album. Why did you choose that title?
I hope to deliver to people that we better identify what that most important thing is to our life and belive in it to realize it no matter what.

If you are on the road, what is your favorite city to play?
If earlier as younger, I'd say New York. But now I am growing quite flexible and there are many great cities I think where there will be my fans expecting me to go for.

What has been your biggest win to date?
Having chosen the right soybean milk grinder lately after hard study and comparison. At least I don't waste bucks in purchasing the wrong machine again as I did as younger.

Have you made any music video for your song yet, and what can be the story behind that song?
I wish I can afford to produce one soon, but now I just haven't got a plan on doing this yet.

Which of your songs is the most personal to you?
They are all my babies. You know.

If you could have anyone to start a band with, who would be in it?
Oh mine! Something exciting about it is that I have totally no idea and that's the fun part of the journey afterwards. Keep it open, anyway!

What was the moment when you decided you wanted to make a career out of music?
Back to year 2004, I was pretty determined to make a music career, and that's why I recorded the album Something Above All and Angels See Angels right in the winter time of that year - 2004.

Who are some of your influences, both musical and non-musical? Where do your ideals come from?
For the musical influences, they are known as above. As for the non-musical, I think it is some scientists in history, or the animals that bring me joy, such as the street cat who is visiting to my house currently, really adorable!

Can you explain the concept behind your albums?
If I may suggest, the concept can be decided by you as a listener. I keep it open.

What are you looking forward to most in 2010?
We are all happy!

Do you run the label by yourself?
I don't really have a label yet. But I make myself one that is named Fat Tree Papa Mountain Group which is an invisible label attitude. It shows my spirit and that's all.

As an "invisible" small label, what are the biggest challenges you face?
People don't really read minds. Haha!

Why haven't you collaborated with anyone yet?
If people who contact me with confusing signal, it's a puzzle to realize what to proceed with. So better that people who are interested to collaborate show a clear and firm concept and explanation to me personally so we can see how it goes.

Do you see yourself as having a label first or being an artist first? What’s the most important to you?
I am an artist producing my own songs, and my invisible label portrays the spirit I have in creating it. They both holds the weights on me as an independent artist.

What's your next projects?
Keep recording of my original songs. They do really expect some greater production capacities after my first try on arranging and enginnering the whole thing. To collaborate must be fun and a goal for next.