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S o m e t h i n g  A b o v e  A l l

This is an album that EarlyNew has self produced since 2004 through the years till 2008. It's the first serious work in her consideration for that EarlyNew had made all creativity efforts to achieve it to what it could be. She writes all her songs in this album as well as arranges the whole compositions, does the engineering work on her own, and supervises the final printouts from the pressing factory till shipped to the stores. It has been a super challenging process through the production journey for EarlyNew to rewind back to who she was before she hopped on such an adventure. From innocence to complication, and now it's about time to go for a reverse direction to rewind back to the cheerful innocent and naive days again, in her hopes.

While girls were dating and taking care of their daily fun, her beautiful youth time were spent on music production the whole days and nights through the years. Yet she did not narrow her mind to compare her life to anyone else, but just sincerely loves what she had done for these years and regards this album Something Above All a true milestone in her personal music journey that has given a profound self-achieved satisfaction to her inner happiness, although her energy level was greatly lessened quite a bit after the long hours of using minds and brains for pursuing the premium quality even though it is a whole self-produced one woman show printed in an hundred percents indie album visible only to her own soul. To achieve a highly appraised indie album was always her goal in the recent journey, but that appraisal needs to come from her recognition first, not from anyone else.  

She thought this is a responsibility to her own music attitude, also to the people who keeps her music as belonging one day. So she set that hurdle really high and tried to jump it over totally on her own. No trainer, no partner, and she could only battle with her own perfection nature to get it a go.

Back then it was a sort of painful experience to call it a stop while she herself could not ensure how good an album could reach. But time was a best friend, who helped her danced though the notes and melody with intensive listening task done in her own engineering room, in the tiny rented house. Yet she is now in such a blissful happy mood to realize there could be a meaning meant for her to do so initially while the big environment wasn't there for her she was in. Instead sitting there grumbling, she created her own music world from the scratch zero ground to the tangible world she could see now. How amazed!

But also how funny it was that she did not appreciate the hard work accomplished the minuted after done back to the days in mid-2008. That was a hard year 2009 she needed to take a break from all the after-work needed to be done for this album. The outer and inner energy level was low and had to be cultivated in time. During then, she once asked her own soul so hard why she needed to go through all these in a less easy way that goes contrary to her nature, since she was totally not a computer-savvy person since beginning. Yet no matter what, she has now understood that to appreciate her own hard work could be the most important thing in her belief to move on to the next. No matter how hard it once was, the beautiful music work has been produced and blossoming in time. So this has become a faith in her that an artist needs to thank for him or herself first in the great endeavor he or she has made to the album, no matter there is or isn't anyone else giving the compliment or good evaluation to the artistic works along the way.

So she now is firmly confident of the musical achievement she reaches and presents in this album Something Above All, and she is so happy that such a confidence comes from her own soul and not anyone else. Yet she believes that there will be more music lovers starting to realize the essence of her music works and take actions to keep it as a belonging. Yes, she loves her music becomes a belonging to a music lover's, because she would think, that person must be so cool and unusual to have understood her music, or her. Simply just cool.

There were lots to say but let's just watch her grow gradually out of such a self-pioneering journey and see you there on the roads.

If music lover wants to keep it on the musical collection list, it's available on Amazon and CDBaby for online purchase. Currently cd buyable only.

( Written in mid-July 2010 )
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Traveler  Take  It  Easy

Traveler Take It Easy

In contrast with SOMETHING ABOVE ALL, which is the utmost result of pursuing perfection by Early's efforts, Traveler Take It Easy is a completely opposite of what is defined perfect to EarlyNew's own perception.

Perfection is what EarlyNew pursues back to year 2004 when she set off recording her music and songs. This journey ain't an easy one, once she found out there were so many nuances that need every artistic decision by her. Then that was when she really realized that she was playing multiple roles in the music recording production as a singer, songwriter, and most importantly, a producer.

This role of being a producer to her own album, is the most challenging and tough one, which she led herself through the whole process one after one by application of her artistic and musical intuition to have it done. And yet, all the great albums that affects her ever, are all her mentors in those LOST TIMES when she was stuck in wonders and puzzles as every tiny and big challenges came over and popping up.

At last, when not even any mentor could lead her anymore, then she decided to totally make every final tiny artistic choice in this album construction land.

Overall, after EarlyNew's effort in making Something Above All to her own extreme limit in difining perfection as a goal, which marked her spirit of pursuing the ideal perfection achievement, she wants to try a different attitude in making an imperfect one -

This imperfect one - Traveler Take It Easy -  had helped tame her perfection temperament down a little bit.

It seemed that the reason why imperfection is tabbed with a meaning t, after the efforts made she thought to have achieved a perfect one - is that only by achieving a perfect album in an artist's own mind, can one begin to realize what imperfection mean to oneself -

EarlyNew is somehow still on the way to dig it further on realization of this interesting searching, for an ongoing changeing answer -

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One  As  One

One As One

This juvenile music works album - One As One - is a cute tribute to EarlyNew's very early dabbling in starting first moves on being a beginning indie -

The nature has decided her to be one to do things of one, and she took this giving by nature to verify that one still must fulfill the one, even there is just one -

Sounds weasel-worded? Yet it was a hard road taken from denying, realizing, till accepting, and then going full strength for it -

The reason these juvenile babies were turned into the repertoir in an album came funny and unexpected -

One day, after many years while she went back listening to these juvenile babies again, not for a particular reason, she just thought to reshape them into another form, to give different style to them all.

That is to say, to renew by a new style for these fifteen pieces, after they were born for nearly nine years - or even earlier-

Perhaps, in one way, the album One As One is to memorize her naive youth times as a freshman singer / songwriter, or further, on the other hand, to declare the non-stop efforts she made since day zero by just one aim, she then did accomplish this album, which in every way, is more of a conceptual music tracks recording movement.

In all, that was the year, 1999, when Early has embarked on the thread of journey, little by little.

Though, in contrast to the following albums she proiduced - Something Above All, Traveler Take It Easy, and Angels See Angels - this conceptual album One As One seems waiting for a deeper description to pinpoint. Hence we lay this expectation to music lovers one day for what elements, relation and emotions they are going to be related in this album.